September 30, 2013


The project has officially ended.


June 2, 2013


The 6th biannual ConceptGraphene week was held in Chemnitz In connection with Graphene Week organized by T. Seyller


15-16 October 2012


During the second year, we have organized a conference called Graphene Conference: From Research to Applications. The conference was mainly organized by one of our partners: the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. The conference addressed new concepts of graphene electronics and progress in understanding technology, physics, and metrology. The event also discussed how best to translate the knowledge gained in science laboratories to commercial applications. Presentations were given by key international experts from industry and academia. In particular, the event served as a dissemination event  for the ConceptGraphene project through invited talks and poster presentations.

The 5th biannual ConceptGraphene meeting was also organized in connection to this event.


22-23rd March 2012


The 4th biannual ConceptGraphene meeting was held at Villard de Lans in the alps outside Grenoble.


15th November 2011


The 3rd biannual ConceptGraphene meeting was held at Windermere, in connection with the workshop Graphene Synthesis and Characterization for applications.


28-29th April 2011


2nd ConceptGraphene meeting was held at Universitätszentrum Obergurgl in connection with the 2011 Graphene week.


4-5 October, 2010


The project kick-off meeting was held at Hällsnäs conference center outside Göteborg. See Swedish media coverage here.