Martin Cederwall

Professor, Mathematical Physics
Visiting address:
Program director, Engineering Physics
Fysikgården 1 (Origo floor 6)
martin dot cederwall at chalmers dot se
Room O6104A
Postal address:
+46 31 772 3181 (office)
Department of Fundamental Physics
+46 31 772 3204 (fax)
Chalmers University of Technology
+46 733 500886 (cell)
SE-412 96 Göteborg, SWEDEN

Research interests:

String theory, M-theory, supersymmetric field theory,...

Recent publications:

arXiv:0809.0318 "Superfield actions for N=8 and N=6 conformal theories in three dimensions"

arXiv:0808.3242 "N=8 superfield formulation of the Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson model"

arXiv:0805.1782 "The B-model on the A-model NS5-brane" (with Viktor Bengtsson)

arXiv:0801.1428 "Pure spinors and D=6 super-Yang-Mills" (with Bengt E.W. Nilsson)

arXiv:0712.4287 "M-branes on U-folds"

arXiv:0710.4907 "U-Duality and the Compactified Gauss-Bonnet Term" (with Ling Bao, Johan Bielecki, Bengt E.W. Nilsson and Daniel Persson)

List of publications:

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Gravitation and Cosmology

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