The Department of Fundamental Physics is active within basic science research. The research within subatomic physics ecompasses experimental research, performed at leading infrastructures such as CERN-ISOLDE and GSI/FAIR, and theoretical studies of quantum many-body systems, both containing strong components of e-science. Furthermore, there are leading activities within theoretical elementary particle physics and mathematical physics focused on gauge theories and string/M-theory as well as string-related generic mathematical methods. These can, in addition to the formal physics aspects such as quantum field theory, supersymmetry, string theory and mathematics, have connections to the emerging experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN or e.g. Superconductivity and graphene.

The department operates within the framework of "Fysicum", which is a forum for physics research and education in Göteborg that in addition to Fundamental Phyics consists of the Department of Applied Physics at Chalmers and the Department of Physics at Göteborg University.



Bachelor thesis projects

Bachelor thesis project proposals spring 2013.

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