Jerker Mårtensson

Professor, Organic chemistry

Head of Division, Deputy Coordinator for the centre SkinResQU, teacher and researcher in Organic Chemistry

Jerker Mårtensson’s interest lies in organic synthesis, the relationship between molecular structures and properties, and the fate of the excited states of organic molecules. He runs projects directed toward synthesis of natural products and designed molecules that, subsequent synthesis, are explored with respect to their excited state properties. The aims of the projects are to understand the origin of the allergenic potency of sunscreens, to delineate design principles for safer sunscreens, and to develop new dyes for solar cells with improved efficiency due to singlet fission. He also runs a pedagogical project aimed at improving the teaching of chemical bonding.
​Teaches several courses at varying levels, from the general chemistry course taught in the first year of the chemistry related bachelor’s programmes to the PhD course in advanced organic synthesis.
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