Anette Larsson

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology, Co-director for Area of Advance Production

Anette Larsson has a PhD in physical chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology. She also has a Master of Science in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. During seven years Anette worked at AstraZeneca R&D Molndal as a researcher and got valuable industrial experience. Today Anette is a Professor in pharmaceutical technology and she is leading the pharmaceutical technology group at Chalmers with five PhD students and one associate professor in close collaboration with Prof. Sven Engström. She is involved in the Vinn Excellence Centre SuMo Biomaterials (Supermolecular Biomaterials-structure, dynamics and properties) as Cluster leader and member in the SuMo management team.
BT310 and KBT086
 More information about Anette at VINN Excellence Center SuMo Biomaterials

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