Nils Zachmann

Phd Student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling

Nils develops a novel and environmentally improved recycling process based on supercritical (Sc) fluid technology for the separation of organic and organometallic components as well as the extraction of valuable metals from spent Li-ion batteries. The role of environmentally benign recycling processes is a crucial milestone for reliable raw material supply to the energy storage industry. This method is promising because it is efficient, safe, runs at low temperature, toxic-emission free and does not produce hazardous waste while recycling the Li-Ion batteries.

The aim is the recovery and the reusage of all components (polymer binder, electrode active materials, electrolyte, and valuable metals) of spent Li-Ion batteries. Removal of the organics by Sc-CO2 method leads to the liberation of electroactive materials, facilitates the following current collector separation and superior metal extraction from electrodes.

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Jun 2021.