Yiming Yao

Research engineer, division of Material and manufacture, Industrial and materials science

As a microscopy specialist of Division of Maaterials and Manufacturing, Yiming Yao is in charge of electron microscope and metallographic sample preparation laboratories. She instructs electron microscopy/sample preparation techniques (SEM, TEM) and provides internal/external technic services, and cooperates with equipment mainteniss engineers.

As a researcher, Yiming Yao is engaged in investigations of intermetallics and ceramics composite materials using advanced microscopy techniques. She leads a project of Consortium Materials Technology (KME-ELFORSK), focuses on high temperature oxidation of silicides matrix composites for combustion components. The project is collaborated with Sandvik Heating Technology AB. She is also involved in research of High Temperature Radar Absorption materials project (HTRAM), collaborated with GKN Aerospace Sweden AB. The research is aiming at high performance of thermal spraying ceramic composite coatings for HT-RA applications.
​-    Teaching and instruction for SEM and TEM operations and microscopy techniques;
-    Instruction of metallographic/electron microscopy sample preparations.

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