Sylwia Wojno

PhD student at the division of Engineering Materials, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Ph.D. project title: Advanced rheological characterization of cellulose based systems.

The project seeks correlations between non-linear material rheological parameters and flow-field - CNC interactions. Controlling the microstructural ordering and self-organization through flow is of paramount importance for CNC-based materials (for now, I am focused on aqueous suspensions and films).

The work is mainly focused on rotational rheometry and hyphenated techniques, such as rheo-microscopy, rheo-SAXS.
The project is funded through a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation through the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC).

Keywords: CNC, non-linear region, enhanced sensitivity, new material parameters, flow-field interaction, filler-filler interaction, FT-Rheology, LAOS, suspensions, films.

 Teaching assistant in courses involving Polymer technology and Polymer processing.

Page manager Published: Thu 02 Jul 2020.