Sun Wanlu

PhD student, Signals and Systems

Sun Wanlu is a PhD student in the Communication systems research group. Her research interests are in the area of PHY and MAC layers for vehicular ad-hoc networks. Wanlu participates in the SAFER project Physical Layer Techniques for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications. The project aims at building world-class competence in critical areas of vehicular communications, attacking research questions in channel characterization and modeling, estimation and network synchronization.

Publications not related to Chalmers:

1. Wanlu Sun, Lihua Li, “Joint Subcarrier Pairing, Relay Selection and Power Allocation in OFDM Relay Systems,” In Proc. IEEE ICC 2011.

2. Ji Wang, Lihua Li, Lei Song, Qi Sun, Wanlu Sun, ‘’ Multi-Cell Collaborative Transmission Combining Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Techniques,’’ In Proc. IEEE VTC 2011-FALL

3. Wanlu Sun, Lihua Li, “A Time Domain Iteration-based Channel Estimation Method in OFDM Systems with Null Subcarriers,” in Proc. IEEE VTC 2010-SPRING.

4. Wanlu Sun, Lihua Li, and Wei Yang, “A Simple Channel Estimation Method in MIMOOFDM Systems with Virtual Subcarriers,” in Proc. IEEE WCNIS 2010.

5. Wei Yang, Lihua Li, Wanlu Sun, and Ying Wang “Energy-Efficient Relay Selection and Optimal Relay Location in Cooperative Cellular Networks with Asymmetric Traffic,” To appear Journal of China Universities of Posts and      Telecommunications.

6. Wei Yang, Lihua Li, Ying Wang, and Wanlu Sun, “Energy-Efficient Transmission Schemes in Cooperative Cellular Systems,” in Proc. IEEE Globecom 2010 Workshop on Green Communication.

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