Vivekendra Singh

Industrial PhD Student at the division of Material and Computational Mechanics, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Vivekendra is an Industrial PhD at Swerea SICOMP. His research project is on “Development of material model with strain rate effects for polymer composite materials in crash simulations”. Some applications of composite materials involve dynamically loaded components and structures such as crash absorbers where the great interest is to predict the energy absorption. Reliable prediction of the crash performance is in fact crucial for the introduction of composites in automotive applications.

The analysis and design of such structures requires the input of high strain rate properties. Numerical simulations of dynamic events such as finite element analysis need an accurate description of such effects as strain rate, loading history, deformation and internal damage. This is the motivation of my project. Most of the work related to dynamic characterization of composite materials has been relatively limited compared to quasi–static tests due to the difficulty of high strain rate testing and data interpretation.

In order to develop more sophisticated constitutive models and failure criteria under dynamic loading, this project is to extend an existing advanced material model for damage growth in thermoset and thermoplastic composites with an emphasis on assessing the effects of strain rate and friction on micro-crack surfaces.The aim is implementation within a suitable finite element or particle-based framework which is able to handle strain rate and to embed this model within a multiscale modelling tool to capture the rate dependent damage growth in inhomogeneous laminates under crushing loads.

Page manager Published: Wed 14 Nov 2018.