Vivekanand Shukla

Postdoc position at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory

I am responsible for resolving important remaining challenges for the organics-interface problem and asserting the vdW-DF method’s potential for a truly parameter-free exploration of biochemistry problems. The project involves implementation work and facilitation of first-principles DFT studies of large organic systems. Besides, I also work on building trust in the method by defining and launching new experiment-based benchmarking suits that are relevant for future technological and biochemistry applications. This work involves analysis and method development and code implementation for nonlocal DFT as well as work to define and launch new benchmarking. This work also involves the maintenance and development of code libraries, DFT-code contributions, and set up access to the benchmarking that we intend to provide in the project.

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Nov 2020.