Viktor Lindström

PhD student, Electrical Engineering

Viktor Lindström is a PhD student in the Automatic Control research group under supervision of Petter Falkman and Torsten Wik. In his research he is focusing on steering algorithms and control of small autonomous marine crafts, where hardware construction of the control systems for these crafts are also included. The research is conducted in cooperation with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and the goal is amongst other things to try and improve and ease their work.
Involved in activities and teaching with a connection to the prototyping lab CASE LAB. Supervisor for student projects which require a knowledge and understanding of both hardware and theory.​
Beyond his research Viktor has also been a part of the design and establishment of the prototyping lab CASE LAB, one of the Department of Electrical Engineering’s new labs which should ease the development of prototypes for both students and researchers.​

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Apr 2022.