Vedad Babic

Post Doc, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

Vedad have been working at Environmental Inorganic Chemistry since the middle of February, 2015 under the supervision of Itai Panas. He's work with density functional theory (DFT) as a method for simulating various physical systems. They want to understand why and how different oxide scales (aluminium oxide, chromium oxide etc.) grow and what limits their thickness in different atmospheres.
The project is closely connected to research in high temperature corrosion where the aim is to understand how different alloys and steels corrode at high temperatures. The effect of reactive elements is also of very high interest, i.e. how different dopants affect the oxidation mechanisms. To understand the chemistry and physics behind these complex mechanisms, simulations of both bulk material and surfaces are performed.

Page manager Published: Tue 01 Jun 2021.