Teodora Retegan Vollmer

Full Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Material, Nuclear Chemistry/Industrial Materials Recycling

Professor Retegan Vollmer is currently leading the research work on the Safety of Advanced Nuclear Reactors Systems. The focus is from the fuel to coolant and cladding interactions, both in normal to extreme scenarios from chemical point of view. Also, research on novel paths for advanced nuclear fuels through Partitioning for Transmutation (P & T) is an older but very actual field of work.
Hydrometallurgy applied in both nuclear field as well as materials recycling is another active research topic crystallized in a solid portfolio of past and current projects (e.g. WEEE recycling, mining tailings, other).
Teaching is focussed on chemistry, hydrometallurgy and nuclear chemistry, the former one being on European level through a series of EURATOM projects, the latest being A-CINCH (https://www.cinch-project.eu/).
The research is carried-out in a close collaboration with industy and industrial partners.
She is currently in the Board of Directors of ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network) in EU and ANItA (Academic-Industrial Nuclear Technology Intiative Competence Center) in Sweden.

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