Ioanna Teknetzi

Phd Student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling

Ioanna’s research is focused on the recycling of solar cells and modules, taking environmental and financial sustainability into consideration. The main goal is the recovery of metals in a high-purity form, so that they can be used again to produce new solar cells and contribute, in this way, to a more circular economy. As the volume of PV panels is increasing, new regulations are developed for their waste management and PV producers are often held responsible for their proper treatment at the end of their life. High-quality recycling of solar cells is indispensable for the future of solar energy, as it can create profits for businesses, contribute to less CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin raw materials, decrease the supply risk of critical raw materials and prevent the release of harmful substances in the environment.

Page manager Published: Thu 01 Oct 2020.