Sverker Molander

Professor with a Chair in Environmental Systems and Risk, Div Environmental Systems Analysis, Technology Management and Economics

Sverker Molander develops and applies different systems approaches in his research on human induced environmental change and its mitigation. He is particularly involved in studies related to risks from nanoparticles, chemicals and energy systems based on renewable sources. The methods applied are assessments of ecological/environmental risks and substance/material flows often with a product chain/life-cycle perspective and a focus on emissions and exposure models. Current research also include interdisciplinary collaboration with social scientists regarding risk and means of control. The identification and development of indicators and indicator systems to represent the hazards of concern forms a basis for the different methodological approaches. Sverker is also a board member of the Norwegian Research Council's program Nano2021 and member of SETAC's Global Science Committee.
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Published: Tue 05 Jun 2012. Modified: Fri 19 May 2017