Suzy Jones

Postdoc, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Astronomy and Plasma Pysics, Extragalactic Astronomy.

Suzy studies dusty, luminous, high-redshift galaxies in particular hot dust-obscured galaxies (Hot DOGs) to understand galaxy formation and evolution. Suzy uses a range of telescopes to study these galaxies including WISE, JCMT, VLT, IRAM 30m and PdBI. Suzy also studies the environments surrounding Hot DOGs that are found to be overdense with submillimeter galaxies.
Jones, Suzy, F. et al, 2015, “Submillimetre observations of WISE-selected AGN and their environments”, MNRAS, 448, 332

Published: Tue 11 Aug 2015. Modified: Wed 17 May 2017