Kathryn Strong Hansen

Senior lecturer in Language and Communication

Kathryn Strong Hansen is a senior lecturer in language and literature. Her research ranges from pedagogical explorations of the ways that the study of fiction is beneficial to the teaching of science and technology to literary analysis of young adult literature. For more information and a full CV, see https://www.kathrynstronghansen.com/

Kathy teaches a course on the Tracks program called "Emerging Technology Ethics Through Fiction," and is a member of the teaching team for the courses "English for Engineers" and "Global and Intercultural Competence." She also teaches communication in English in programs including Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Computer Engineering.

Kathy is a member of the committee for One Book, One Chalmers (OBOC), which is a reading-in-common project open to faculty, staff, and students at Chalmers. She is also part of the team that oversees the English portion of the Chalmers Writing Guide.

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