Sravya Kosaraju

PhD student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling

Sravya's project is to recover metals from end of life (EOL) automotive Li-ion batteries. The aim is to develop processes that will result in pure metal streams from EOL batteries, of a quality that can replace, at least by fraction, the use of virgin metal. Her work is based on hydrometallurgical techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction.
​LET 923 Tekniskt Basår
KOO041; KOO042; KOO081 Kemi medbiokemi
KBT 135 Waste Management
KBT 195 Solvent extraction
Diploma project supervisor

Master Thesis: Characterization of Lithium-ion vehicle scale batteries for recovery of metals

The electric vehicle battery market [1] , Lithium-ion battery shows all the signs of the beginning of a new product cycle, sales growing exponentially high owing to better capacity compared to any other existing commercial battery system. The chemistry of the lithium ion batteries is still in research and it is essential to come up with recycling methods to ensure that the electric vehicle batteries are environmentally and resource wise sustainable. The metals needed for the lithium ion battery can quickly become expensive and rare, once the production goes large scale for hybrid and complete electric vehicles[2].

Information about the project
The student will work along with a PhD student working on recycling Li-ion batteries of various chemistries. The work will be mainly hydro-chemistry based. The student will first make a literature search relating to lithium ion batteries, and thereafter perform characterization studies involving morphological and elemental analysis followed by dissolution and metal recovery.

Applicant Requirements
- The applicant needs a background in chemistry or chemical engineering and the ability to work independently and safely in a chemical lab
- Personal qualities that can help your application are:
- Scientific curiosity, inquisitiveness and patience
- Social skills and a good knowledge of English

Please send your CV and letter of interest to Sravya Kosaraju (see contact information above)
Any questions about the project can also be addressed directly to her.

1. Gaines, L., Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Issues, Argonne National Laboratories.
2. Baylis, R., lithium market:2009 review and outlook, Roskill Information Services Ltd

Published: Mon 21 Dec 2015.