Sönke Behrends

PhD, Technology Management and Economics

Sönke Behrends is a PhD at the division of Service Management and Logistics, Department of Technology Management and Economics. He presented his doctoral thesis “Urban freight transport sustainability – The interaction of urban freight and intermodal transport” at this department in 2012. His research field is sustainable freight transport with focus on urban freight and intermodal road-rail transport. He teaches in master courses in the field of sustainable transport and logistics.
ITR361 Environmental aspects on logistics and transportation (Lecturer)
TEK445 Environmental aspects of transport (Examiner and lecturer)
The research is linked to Chalmers Areas of Advance Built Environment,  Energy and Transport as well as to target area Supply Chain Management at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.

​Increased amount of rail freight requires cities to change (chalmers.se/en 120221)

PRESS RELEASE: Rail freight terminals are generally centrally located in cities. In order to achieve a sustainable transport system, where most freight is transported by rail rather than by lorry, terminals must be relocated to urban peripheries. This is a conclusion of Sönke Behrends' doctoral thesis. The thesis investigates how urban and long-distance freight impact one another.

Published: Mon 29 Feb 2016.