Sonja Göc

Study Guidance Counsellor, Mathematical Sciences

I work as a study guidance counsellor on the mathematics program at the University of Gothenburg and work for the following programs and courses below:

Bachelor's Programme in Mathematics, 180 credits
Master's programme in Mathematical Sciences, 120 credits
Teacher education program at the University of Gothenburg (Subject: Mathematics)
Courses in mathematics and mathematical statistics at the University of Gothenburg

Your meeting with a study counsellor may concern university studies in general or on more specific courses, study programmes and field of studies. I inform about the program and the course structure and content. About regulations that apply when studying at the University of Gothenburg. I have individual and group guidance discussions and make individual study plans.
The study counselor supports you in different study situations. Guidance is about highlighting the individual's ability to make conscious choices and make independent decisions and increase the insight about their own responsibility. In the counseling discussions, studies, vocational choices and personal conditions are interwoven. The conversation will help you make independent decisions about your studies and your study situation. My most important task is to support you on the road to a degree.

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