Sofia Börjesson

Full Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Sofia Börjesson is Full Professor in Technology Management with focus on ‘innovation management’.

Her academic research field evolves around questions of how organizations change and develop with focus on the management of innovation work, specifically on innovation capabilities in large mature firms. The research is mostly conducted as collaborative research. She has lately been working mainly with the automotive and forest-based industries, previously in the telecom, pharmaceutical and digital media business. Current research projects deal with capabilities for innovation in large firms – what are they and how may they be developed?

Sofia Börjesson has extensive experience from research supervision and research leadership in projects with academic and industrial researchers being both senior researchers and PhD candidates. Currently she has a collaboartion with the Berlin-based firm etventure, focusing on business development and transformation in digital businesses. She teaches in the Department’s PhD School and in several courses in the MEI programme. She is IMIT fellow (Institute for Management and Innovation of Technology) and member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
PhD course Innovation & Entrepreneaurship – course responsible together with Maria Elmquist
PhD course Researching Technology Management and Economics – lecturer
Master course Research Design and Methodology, course responsible and examiner
Developing Capabilities for Innovation in Large Firms
Innovation is difficult, especially for large, established companies, which often are – very logical - organised according to an entirely different rationale than the one needed for innovation. Therefore, how innovation efforts can be organised and pursued constitutes a major challenge for many companies. This also is focus for this project. The project is in collaboration with four large companies, and the researchers hope to contribute to bringing about changes. The project also will result in a book directed towards practitioners that will provide other companies with good examples of how they can build up their capabilities for innovation.
Team: Sofia Börjesson (project leader) and Maria Elmquist

Towards circular business models in the manufacturing industry
A circular economy has been suggested as the way to achieve a more eco-sustainable society. This project tries to find answers to how a firm that operates in the traditional take-make-waste business model logic can move towards a circular economy in a way that also improves profitability and competitiveness using an action-research based approach working with an SME.
Team: Mats Williander (project leader), Marcus Linder,Thomas Nyström (all three from Viktoria) and Sofia Börjesson (CBI)

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