Sheng Guo

Professor, Division of Materials and Manufacture, Industrial and materials science

Sheng Guo joined Chalmers University of Technology as an Assistant Professor in 2013. His main research areas are the alloy design and mechanical behavior of concentrated multi-component alloys, with equiatomic or close-to-equiatomic compositions, also known as high-entropy alloys (HEAs). HEAs have great potential to be used as high-temperature materials, and in environments where high hardness, high wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance are required.
Our research areas are mainly alloy design and mechanical behavior of high-entropy alloys, with particular focus on refractory high-entropy alloys, eutectic high-entropy alloys and dual-phase eutectic alloys, for balanced strength and ductility/toughness at both room temperature and elevated/cryogenic temperatures. Apart from structural properties, functional properties like electrical, thermal, thermoelectric, magnetic, biocompatibility, anti-corrosion properties are also of our interest. ​​
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