Soroush Saheb Alam


Soroush Saheb Alam joined the Industrial Biotechnology group as a post-doctoral researcher in July 2018. He has a PhD degree from Chalmers University of Technology on bioelectrochemical systems, where microorganisms are utilized to catalyse electrochemical reactions on solid electrodes. His PhD research focused on the effects of dynamic reactor conditions on microbial community compositions and the overall performance of biological electrodes, as well as the sustainable production of valuable chemicals (e.g. biogas) on biocathodes. He is currently working on a project that aims to design, develop, and implement an electrochemically assisted gas fermentation platform to improve the microbial redox metabolism and enable higher fermentative product outputs. Positive outcomes of this project will be of interest for both the society and the industry considering practical applications that can be developed for producing biofuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Published: Tue 18 Sep 2018.