Fernando Izquierdo Ruiz

Visiting researcher, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fernando received his MS in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling in 2014 from the University of Oviedo. He completed a joint Ph.D. between the University of Oviedo and the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in 2018, centered on the study of clathrates hydrates, under the supervision of J.M. Recio, J. Contreras-García and O. Prieto-Ballesteros. After his Ph.D. he did a postdoc at the U. Complutense of Madrid for 18 months, studying interfaces between ice/air and other substances by means of the Lifshitz theory of van der Waals forces. Fernando’s scientific interests are high pressure chemistry, planetary science and astrobiology. At Chalmers he is working in the group of Martin Rahm, developing the new field of Computational Astrobiology.

Page manager Published: Fri 25 Sep 2020.