Mattias Roupé

Senior Lecturer, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Construction Management

Mattias Roupé is senior lecturer at the Division of Construction Management at Chalmers. Mattias has his main focus on the ITC and digital representation such as Building Information Model (BIM) and 3D-GIS in urban planning and building design. His Ph.D. study researched the development and implementations of Virtual Reality (VR) for decision-making in urban planning and building design. His research contains both social and technical related research. The human associated research is related to: perception, human information processing, communication and decision-making connected to the VR medium. The technical related research is related to: computer graphics, visualization, Building Information Modelling, 3D-GIS, 3D city modelling, related to the VR medium.
​LBT 150 Samhällsplanering
LBT 222 Projektarbete simulering och modellering i samhällsplanering
VSM 171 CAD och programmeringsteknik
LBT 241 Projektarbete produktion
LBT 641 Husbyggnadsteknik, BIM-delen

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