Ronja Thies

Ronja Thies started her PhD in September 2011. In her thesis work she studies quasi-free scattering reactions of light exotic nuclei at and beyond the dripline. Being part of the R3B (Reactions with Relaticistic Radioaktive beams) collaboration, she is not only involved in the experiment she analyses but also in other experiments, and the transition from the LAND (Large Area Neutron Detector) setup at GSI (Gesellschaft für SchwerIonenforschung) to the R3B setup at FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research). Additionally she is also involved in a few experiments at ISOLDE, CERN.

​Labs in the following courses:

  • FUF050(K5, K8) Subatomic physics
  • FYP320GU (K5, K8) Subatomic physics
  • TIF060 Experimental physics: spectroscopic methods
  • TIF090 Experimental physics 2 - basic
  • TIF081 Experimental physics 1 - measuring technique

Supervision of  bachelor projects

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