Roland Clift

Visiting Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Roland Clitf's research is concerned with industrial ecology – taking a systems approach to the management of resource flows and stocks. This research addresses one of the key aspects of sustainability. He is a Fellow of the (UK) Royal Academy of Engineering and Executive Director of the International Society for Industrial Ecology.
Clift,R., Sim, S. and Sinclair,P. (2012)  Sustainable Consumption and Production: quality, luxury and supply chain equity. In: Treatise in Sustainability Science and Engineering. (Ed. I.S.Jawahir, S.Sikhdar and Y. Huang), Springer Publishers.
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Clift, R., Grace, J.R. and Weber, M.E. (1978 & 2005) Bubbles, Drops and Particles, Academic Press, NY (1978), republished by Dover, NY (2005).

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