Renee Kroon

PhD; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

Dr Renee Kroon completed his Master's degree in chemistry at the University of Groningen in 2008. Thereafter, he moved to the group of professor Mats Andersson to pursue a Ph.D. degree on the design and synthesis of conjugated polymer for organic photovoltaics, which was completed in 2013. He continued a 2-year postdoc period in the same group, of which 1.5 year was spent at The Wark Research Institute in Adelaide, dealing with upscaling of conjugated polymer synthesis and the development of water-based solar inks. Since autumn 2015, he work in the group of Assoc. Prof. Müller where he works on the synthesis of conjugated polymers for organic thermoelectrics and their processing. His current interests are development of the mechanical properties of conjugated polymers, upscaling of organic solar cells and the synthesis and processing of conjugated materials for organic thermoelectrics.

Published: Wed 07 Oct 2015. Modified: Mon 21 Dec 2015