Julien Phother Simon

PhD Student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

I am a PhD student whose work is related to high temperature corrosion.
In my case, the focus leans towards boilers with biomass and waste as a fuel. I mainly investigate the influence of alkali chlorides (more specifically potassium chloride KCl) on the corrosion of stainless steels. The new approach of this study compared to some previous ones, is that KCl is added continuously during an entire experiment, instead of setting it prior to exposure. This allows us to create a more corrosive environment in our laboratories, closer to real life conditions, while still being able to control all the other parameters for a better investigation of the phenomena.
​Corrosion, General and inorganic chemistry
​High Temperature Corrosion Centre - http://www.htc.chalmers.se/
​PROSAM (University West, Trollhättan) - https://www.hv.se/forskning/forskningsprojekt/teknik/prosam/

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