Peter Fröst

Artistic Professor, Director of Centre of Healthcare Architecture, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

Peter Frost is an artistic professor at Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering. Since 2010 he is a director of the Centre for healthcare architecture, CVA. Peter is active and responsible for research and development projects at CVA. He is also involved in undergraduate and graduate education in healthcare architecture. Peter's professional experiences consist of both 30 years of practical experience as a practicing architect at SWECO and operations researchers. In his research, Peter has developed a dialogue-based approach for the early stages - design dialogues. This has been put to practical use in many areas, not least in the health sector. The implementation has provided a great insight into the overriding connection of building and how to adopt dialogue-based planning processes.
​Responsible for the master course Healthcare Architecture
​• 2014 Hälsostaden Ängelholm, Design process
• 2013 Neonatal ICU + ward, Helsingborg Hospital, Region Skåne
• 2012 Extension and new building at Helsingborg Hospital, Region Skåne
• 2011 Forensic Psychiatry in Trelleborg, Skåne Region, Design Dialogue.
• 2011 Medical labs Centre in Lund, Skåne Region, Design Dialogue
• 2010 Innovation Centre at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.
• 2009 New Outpatient and Primary Care Center in Norrtälje. Locum AB
• 2009 Eye Clinic, Emergency and OPD at Södersjukhuset Stockholm. Locum AB
• 2009 Emergency Care Unit, SU/Östra. Design Dialogue.
• 2008 New Karolinska Solna. Functional brief and layouts. NKS förvaltningen
• 2008 NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Karolinska Huddinge. Locum AB
• 2008 Emergency Care Unit, Centrallasarettet in Västerås. Design Dialogue

Published: Fri 30 Nov 2012. Modified: Thu 09 Nov 2017