Pernilla Gluch

Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Pernilla Gluch is Professor and Head of Division at the Division of Service Management and Logistics at Chalmers. Her research departs from industrial change processes driven by increased demands on sustainability, within foremost the project based setting AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction). Most of her studies have applied a ‘practice lens’ perspective. The practice lens perspective helps understanding how interaction between actors, structures and artifacts forms institutional practices, identities and professional roles in a specific organizational setting.

With an application in project based organisations Pernilla's research can, although closely interrelated, be divided into three main areas:
1) professionalization and professional expertise in project based organisations. This involves creating an understanding of the reciprocal dynamics between processes of institutionalization and processes of professionalization.
2) knowledge sharing, communication and social interaction in project based organisations. This has involved theory building on situated practice, roles and positioning of human mediators and how tools and artifacts, for example standardized management systems and work procedures, are used to mediate information and knowledge in organizations.
3) sustainability and environmental management practices. This involves research that explores social practices and organisational features of projects and their relation to sustainability and environmental management.
​Master’s course Managing change in construction (TEK660)​, PhD student supervision and MSc thesis supervision.

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