Marcos Parras Moltó

Postdoctor, Mathematical Sciences

My research interest is related to the metagenomic study of microbial communities from complex samples with the objective of knowing better their genomic and taxonomic composition.

In previous studies, I have analyzed the human oral viral communities for the detection of possible biomarkers that could be useful to establish differences between patients with caries or aphthous ulcers and healthy people, through comparative models based on the genetic distance of the assembled contigs. On the other hand, the determination of the possible hosts of viral contig possessing lithic enzymes may be useful to stablish the base of potential phage therapies.

In addition, I have carried out studies from 16S bacterial amplicons for the determination of the phylogenetic core of different complex samples, as well as establishing the relation between the taxonomic range and the different functions of the bacterial genes that are contained in the 16S references trees.

Now I am interested in learning new techniques and analytical model for the study of antibiotic resistances in bacteria, which in addition to the development of phage therapies could be an improvement in the treatment of so-called "super bacteria".

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Jan 2020.