Pär Johansson

Researcher, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Building Physics Modelling

Pär Johansson is since June 2019 researcher at the Division of Building Technology, research team Building Physics Modelling. Pär works with high performance thermal insulation (superinsulation) materials, materials for thermal storage (heat and cold) and solutions for green and blue roofs. The aim of his research is to reduce the energy use in the existing building stock while minimizing risks when new materials are used in combination with old building techniques.

Vacuum insulation panels (VIP), aerogel based products (ABP) and phase change materials (PCM) are investigated and tested in field and laboratory. Risks when new materials are used in combination with old building techniques are identified by building characterization, measurements and modelling of temperature, relative humidity and thermal properties of insulation materials and PCMs.

Pär is coordinator for the Swedish Universities of the Built Environment (SBU) aa well as leading a work package on thermal energy storage solution in Chalmers Energy Area of Advance, profile area energy in urban development.

BOM175 Building technology engineering

BOM285 Building performance: Design and assessment 

VBF021 Building physics, advanced course

AFT062 Space for living

ARK064 Renovation and urban revitalization

ARK063 Housing in an urban context

Chalmers Areas of Advance:​ Energy

Published: Tue 02 Oct 2012. Modified: Tue 03 Sep 2019