Oskar Rexfelt

Associate Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Oskar Rexfelt’s research considers the development of user-centred products and services. His dissertation, User-Centred Design and Technology-Mediated Services, explores the conditions for developing integrated products and services. The aim of Oskar’s research is to develop methodological support for designing usable solutions that benefits the customer. He also researches consumer acceptance and adoption of sustainable consumption patterns (e.g. sharing, recirculation and access based consumption).
Oskar is Director of studies for the graduate school “Human-Technology-Design”
Oskar teaches mostly in user centered design-related courses:
MMT031 Usability – Methods and tools
PPU032 User studies – Understanding users and their requirements
MMT015 Product development – Needs and requirements
Theory of Science in the Human Technology Design graduate school

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