Anna Maria Orru

PhD student

Anna Maria Orru’s PhD covers the distinct topics of food, architecture, senses and urbanism, explored through the distinct study of organoleptic qualities in urban foodscapes, as a way to explore food systems on both the macro and micro levels. Foodscapes refers to food-related places in cities where food is produced, consumed, traded, and distributed. In the move to make food more accessible in the urban fabric through a rising movement in urban agriculture, re-imagining the urbanscape as partially a food and farm ’scape’ responds to societal challenges around food security and rising urbanisation, and could render these spaces as active and participatory social entities as well as places of ecological well-being and awareness towards sustainable urban development.
​MPDSD, KTH-sustainability studio, Lund Industrial Design, BOM165 Civil and Environmental Engineering, ARK 176, Biomimicry Student competition 2012

Published: Mon 03 Dec 2012. Modified: Tue 13 Feb 2018