Nikolce Murgovski

Associate Professor, Electrical engineering

Nikolce Murgovski is Associate Professor in the Mechatronics research group. Nikolce's research is related to the field of Mechatronics, with the focus on optimization and optimal control. His research is often conducted with collaboration to industry, mainly within electromobility and autonomous driving. Nikolce supervises research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
SSY281 - Model Predictive Control
The purpose of this course is to give an introduction to model predictive control (MPC), a control system design technique that has gained increased popularity in a number of application areas during recent years. Important reasons for this are the ability to treat multi-input, multi-output systems in a systematic way, and the possibility to include in a very explicit way constraints on states and control inputs in the design. The intention with the course is to cover the mathematical foundations as well as implementation issues, and to give hands-on experience from computer simulations and application to lab-scale processes.

SSY300 - ​Applied Mechatronics​
The course aims to provide an introduction to mechatronics - the integration of sensors, actuators and computers with the mechanical system. The course provides knowledge of how the most common sensors and actuators work and its underlying physical principles. It also provides an introduction to microcontrollers and programming them. The course also aims to provide practical experience in the design of microcomputer-based systems.​​

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