Morgan Andersson

Master of Science in Architecture, PhD, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

Morgan Andersson has from 2009 to 2013 worked as a PhD candidate at Chalmers Architecture, exploring the use of assisted living facilities for the elderly. By studying the daily activities in common spaces in relation to the physical environment in which they occur, the project explores aspects of usability pertinent to the continuous management of the facilities and to the design processes respectively. The results are relevant to the academy as well as to the municipal sector. His commitment to living environments for the elderly began when he was working in geriatric psychiatry in the 1980s. Since 1994, Morgan has worked as an architect within the City of Gothenburg, first at Stadsbyggnadskontoret and since 1997 in various positions at Lokalförvaltningen with facility management issues and research and development (R&D), related to housing for the elderly. Since 2014 Morgan is working in parallel as a visiting researcher in Chalmers Architecture at the Centre for Healthcare Architecture (CVA) and as a R & D process leader at Lokalförvaltningen. Morgan has also conducted a study of new construction projects in forensic psychiatric care in Sweden.
​Lectures within the field of Healthcare Architecture

Published: Thu 22 Nov 2012. Modified: Wed 08 Nov 2017