Mohsen Esmaily

Doctor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Mohsen Esmaily received a BSc degree in Materials Science and Engineering in autumn 2009, MSc degree in Advanced Engineering Materials from The University of Manchester in the UK in 2011 and his PhD in Materials Science from Chalmers University of Technology in February 2016. He is working on the processing-structure-properties relationships in metallic materials alloys including various types of magnesium and aluminum alloys as well as metal matrix composites. He utilizes a wide range of analytical tools including electron microscopes (SEM/FIB/TEM), (Nano)SIMS, AES as well mathematical analysis to characterize the alloys structure and properties at different length scales.

Dr. Esmaily is currently a Swedish Research Council Fellow and is coordinating collaborative projects between Chalmers, Monash University (Australia) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US).

Published: Mon 11 Mar 2013. Modified: Thu 29 Nov 2018