Mohamad Kharseh

Researcher, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Sustainable Building

Kharseh has got his PhD in 2001 at Luleå University of Technology in the field of utilizing renewable energy and reducing energy consumption.
Since 2001, Kharseh has been working on both implementing renewable energy resources and improving the current heating and cooling systems in the buildings in order to reduce fossil-fuel consumption and, consequently, save the energy and environment.
Since 2004, Kharseh has been teaching following courses: Thermodynamic; Heat transfer; Hydraulic; Solar system; Renewable energy system
​1 Retrofitting measures for reducing buildings cooling requirements in cooling-dominated environment: Residential house.
2. Potential of ground source heat pump systems in cooling-dominated environments: Residential buildings.
3. Document Utilization of oil wells for electricity generation: Performance and economics.

Published: Thu 21 Apr 2016. Modified: Fri 20 Apr 2018