Mihail Serkitjis

Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Building Physics Modelling

Mihail is a Professor at the Divison of Building Technology, research group Building Physics Modelling.

A few years after my doctoral dissertation had been submitted and accepted, the Convection Research Group was established. Since that time, the group has expanded in terms of its membership and is now recognized for its high level of international research. As a member of the group, I continued my research exploring the effects on natural convection in various materials. I also investigated the forced convection or wind effect on loose-fill insulation on attic floors and its practical consequences. Other research topics have included workmanship and the long-term performance of low density insulation materials.

Our research group has recently been putting a great deal of effort into the area of building air tightness— a corner stone in the creation of modern energy efficient buildings. Here, it is of utmost importance to disseminate these findings to the various stakeholders of which students are perhaps the most important ones.

Teaching and supervision both require engagement and availability, qualities I have been offering my undergraduate and post-graduate students in the past and to which I will be committed in the future as well.

In summary, in my future work at Chalmers, I wish to continue working on my previous educational and teaching development efforts. This work forms the basis of educational curricula that fulfill the goals of lifelong learning in which students gain proficiency and skills that can be used in a variety of environments, that prepare them So be ready to act and reflect on their situation, that gives them the ability to view themselves in a larger context and that provides opportunities for change. I wish to continue developing educational methods that stimulate a critical and problemizing attitude that gives students the competence to face a changing working life and a changing world. In summary, I wish to emphasize that student-based learning can be encouraged by practicing a variety of roles, including those of teacher, colleague, pedagogic leader and proponent of a specific subject area.

Published: Mon 23 Apr 2018.