Artem Matyskin

PhD student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Chemistry

Radium is one of the most radiotoxic naturally occurring elements and is concentrated in several man-made activities: coal and peat combustion, uranium and rare earth elements mining, petroleum industry among many others. Besides this radium has the largest long term risk for radiobiological hazards at the final used nuclear fuel repository. Taking into account the aforementioned facts radium possesses a strong research interest in the areas of environmental science and nuclear fuel repository safety assessment. Artem's project aims to provide reliable experimentally determined data of radium complexation with some groundwater ligands, solubility limits of its end-member compounds and solid solutions with other alkali earth metals. Such data are of major concern both from fundamental point of view and for modelling and prediction of radium migration in the environment.

Published: Mon 11 Nov 2013. Modified: Mon 21 Dec 2015