Mar Vall-Llosera Juanola

PhD student

Mar Vall-llosera is a PhD student at the Food and Nutrition Science division. She is also part of the Formas-funded Blue Food centre . Her research revolves around the valorization of marine bioresources such as small pelagic fish species and seaweed into novel food ingredients. In Sweden, only 15% of the landed fish actually end up on peoples plates, the rest (small pelagic fish species and filleting side streams) is not used for human consumption, although it is rich in high value proteins and lipids. Seaweed is another interesting marine raw material with the potential to be aquacultured with a very low environmental footprint. It is relatively high in proteins and rich in bioactive ingredients, making it an interesting contribution to the protein shift.
Mar´s research aims to improve the techniques currently in use for recovering proteins from these two types of marine sources, with a focus on the protein extractability yield, protein functionality and development of unwanted lipid oxidation.

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Aug 2022.