Mareike Lutz

EU Funding counselor Chalmers Grants Office

Mareike (Mika) Lutz is research adviser at Chalmers Grants Office focusing on European funding of research projects. Chalmers Grants Office offers broad support from different expertise areas and collaborates with researchers to get more applications successfully funded by external funding means. The Grants Office is coordinated from the Research and Development Office at the Division for Operative and Strategic Support (OSS).

Mareike has a PhD in analytical chemistry. As researcher, she worked at Leiden University, the Netherlands, Lund University, Sweden, University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, as well as in industry. She has a strong track record in collaborative research projects from an academic as well as an industrial perspective, including projects in the European Commission’s framework programmes for research and innovation (FP4, FP5, FP6 and Horizon 2020).

Page manager Published: Tue 06 Feb 2018.