Marcus Holgersson

PhD, Assistant Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Marcus Holgersson is a PhD at the research group Industrial Management and Economics. His research and teaching deals with management, economics, and strategies of innovation and intellectual property at both micro and macro levels in different industrial contexts with different degrees of open/closed innovation. He is especially interested in the connection between IP strategies and technology/innovation/business/corporate strategies, and the connection between IP strategies and firm performance.

Holgersson is coordinator of the research project Management, Economics and IP Law in Open Distributed Innovation, also called the MELT-Project due to the interdisciplinary character (melting Management, Economics, Law, and Technology).

In addition to the projects under the tab below, Marcus Holgersson participates in the following projects:

– Effective Technology Transfer and Valuation of IP for Innovation (Korea)
– European Technology/Innovation Networking (EITIM)
– IPR university education

In spring 2013 Marcus was awarded the Wallander Stipend, which means three years of funded research.

Published: Sun 17 Jun 2012. Modified: Mon 07 Mar 2016