Maja Bärring

PhD Student at the division of Production Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Maja Bärring is doing her doctoral studies at Production Systems division since August 2016. Prior to the PhD position, she was working in the industry with M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Her research focus is on how more data representing the production system enabled by digital technologies provide values to the production organization. The research focuses on how the data in itself and as decision support provide values.

The research projects are focused on the use of digital technologies in the production environment, such as 5G connectivity in the workshop, 3D scanning for capturing the spatial data, and blockchain to ensure secure data sharing in the supply chain case.
​PPU055 Virtuell Produktion
PPU206 Hållbara produkter och produktionssystem
PPU260 Production Systems
IMS020 Simulering och visualisering av produktionssystem

Published: Mon 21 Jan 2019.