Magnus Holmén

Associate Professor, Technology Management and Economics and connected to Center for Business Innovation

Magnus Holmén is Associate Professor at the Division of Innovation Engineering and Management and connected to Center for Business Innovation (CBI).

His research interests primarily lie in three areas:

1. How to relate and combine evolutionary studies with ‘systemic’ approaches from both a conceptual and empirical point of view. The present focus is how sequences of opportunities (‘innovative opportunities’) shape and drive economic transformation as well as perception and action among individual actors. Core disciplines include evolutionary economics, innovation systems approaches and management of technology.

2. The changing knowledge, technology and economics of search and innovation. The present focus is how development and discovery processes are changing through complementary changes in tools (instruments), automation and the shift towards broader and more fundamental knowledge bases. Empirical case studies include software creation and mineral, oil and gas exploration.

3. How to better understand and analyse the economic dimension in innovation by ‘economizing cognition’. One approach to this is to relate sources of increasing returns with the reuse of knowledge. Empirical studies include computer games.
Teaches and supervises Master's theses within the MEI programme, Management and Economics of Innovation

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Promising ICT companies supported in new initiative (, 121108)

Born Global is a bid to give top priority to young firms with high growth potential within Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and it’s about developing and improving processes in startup firms by systematically trying to find a scalable business model. Behind this venture are the Center for Business Innovation (CBI), a research center at Chalmers University of Technology carrying out research within innovations and innovation ability, and Innovationsbron. The original idea for the Born Global program comes from Professor Sören Sjölander, active at Chalmers and CBI.

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