Ludvig Lindlöf

PhD, Technology Management and Economics

Ludvig Lindlöf is a PhD at the Division of Innovation and R&D Management where he conducts research within R&D Management. His research relates to how the term "lean" can be understood in a product development setting and how a company can improve its ability to learn from its development activities to continuously improve process and products. Areas of interest are Visual Management, team communication and Knowledge Management within R&D. Ludvigs research is published in for example International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning.
Course leader of TEK075 – Arbetsorganisation
Supervision of thesis projects on Master and Bachelor level.

Contributing in courses:
IAR061 Product Development Management
TEK150 Integrated Product Development
TEK545 Operations Management
TEK145 Quality and Operations Management
TEK230 Lean Produktion
TEK385 Integrerad produktionsorganisation

Published: Tue 20 Mar 2018.