Lars Rosen

Full Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Acting Head of Division at Geology and Geotechnics, leader of the Engineering Geology research group.

Lars Rosén is a Full Professor in the Division of Geology and Geotechnics and leader of research group Engineering Geology, at Chalmers. Lars has many years of research and consulting experience in hydrogeology and environmental engineering. Research has mainly been directed at vulnerability assessments, risk assessment and decision support methods for water protection and remediation of contaminated soil, groundwater and drinking water. Lars is currently the manager of the competence centre Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology (FRIST) at Chalmers. He also works as a supervisor and specialist in risk management in the research program DRICKS.
Engineering geology, BOM200
Hydrogeology, ACE080
Risk Assessment and Decision Support in Engineering, BOM125
Contaminated sites and remediation, ACE145
Geological and geotechnical site characterisation, ACE045

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