Kristina Grange

Professor of Urban Planning and Design Theory, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Urban Design and Planning

Kristina Grange (PhD 2005, Docent 2015) is Professor of Urban Planning and Design Theory, at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She has an interest in post-structuralist and political theory and their implications for urban planning and design. Her own research has a discursive approach, by which she seeks to unfold taken-for-granted perceptions in social practices, and discuss their material, political and democratic consequences. Currently, her research focuses migration, spatial inequalities and an uneven geographic development. She has also studied how on-going political and ideological changes are reflected in alterations in the acting space of planners, and what the implications of such changes are for democracy, as well as for the planning profession itself. Kristina leads the Urban and Regional Transformations research group.

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